Whales buy Bitcoin as the $50k fight rages on.

Target Price Range: $42,000–47,000

Sept. is key for a new Bitcoin all time high.

Target Price Range: $47,000–50,000

What $100k Bitcoin Means

$50,000 is a big, round number that brings with it plenty of psychological roadblocks. …

And the state of crypto mining.

Is an all time high coming?

BTC Price The Last 30 Days

Market Analysis

In the last month, Bitcoin is up ~40% from lows around $29,000–30,000 in mid-July. Now, it faces a big test.

$50,000 may provide resistance because:

  • it’s a high/round number
  • it’s all time high territory
  • July buyers trim profits

Price Action and What to Watch

In the last month, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is up ~40%, rallying from lows around $29,000–30,000. Now, it faces a new test in August.

  • Chinese Bitcoin mining exodus
  • Bitcoin mining and ESG
  • Crypto taxes and regulations
  • All the usual pushback

I’d do these things differently.

Here are a few other things I wish I’d done differently or had done from the start of my crypto mining journey.

1. Bought More Mining Equipment

Will you?

  • Watching $34–42k
  • Then, $42–45k

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Bitcoin at War

The larger narrative and my buying strategy.

The crypto markets fell Monday… along with traditional markets. Why the dip?

What About Bitcoin?

Why is China cracking down?

Why Is China Cracking Down?

Bitcoin Binge

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